Activity 13E / Planetary Tourism    p 280      

DUE DATE: _______               Planet:  _____________
Names of Group Members in alphabetical order or last name:


    Imagine that you are a travel agent for Dupuis Safari Tours.  You have been hired to promote tours to one of the planets other than the Earth.    In this activity, your task is to design and produce a travel brochure that will attract tourists to the planet you have chosen.  Remember:  you are trying to sell tours.  Make your brochure exciting and interesting!    Find out all you can about the planet and the trip your customer would experience by travelling there.
You need aBrochure, a3DStructure, aPresentation, PlanetaryGoodies(Planetary Costume is optional.)

    Your BROCHURE should include the following information (in this order):
(5pts)  Your own print out of this page with group names and planet title handed in with brochure.
(10pts)  A)  A colourful and creative coverpage.
(20pts)  B)  An attractive but accurate description of the planet, including the planet's:

        -   Diameter at its equator

        -   Distance of planet from the sun (million km)

        -   Time for one revolution around the sun  

        -  Time for one day (sunrise to sunrise)

        -   Main substances in the atmosphere       

        -   Surface temperature (°C)

        -   Density (g/cm3)

        -   Surface features

        -   Moons, presence or absence

        -   Other facts about the planet

(10pts)    C)  A map showing the path to the planet, show asteroids, comets or other interesting objects.
(10pts)    D)  Special attractions:  What are some of the features of the planet (such as craters, volcanoes, low gravity, etc.)  that make the plaet unique and interesting to visit?  You may also offer extra trips to moons, but make sure your information is accurate.
(5pts)    E)  Activities that could be enjoyed on the planet.  The activities should be related to the special feature of the planet (e.g., low-gravity sports, crater climbing, tours to special sites, ...)
(5pts)    F)  Things to bring and accomodations:  Will the tourists need special clothing or breathing apparatus?  Where will they stay?  Have picture of accomodations...
(5pts)    G)  Any other information that your customers might find useful or interesting.
(5pts)    H)  Credits (your names and block on the back of pamphlet.)

(10pts)        You also need a 3D STRUCTURE representing this planet  - using foam ball, papier-maché, whatever it takes...  remember that paper-maché takes many days to make because of drying time.   PLAN AHEAD!!
(10pts)        5-7 minute PRESENTATION DATE: ____________
(5pts)    we will sample each group's PLANETARY GOODIES  - these are brought to entice people to buy a tour package to your planet.  Please make sure you have enough samples for everyone!!  This is not meant to be a gourmet meal!!!
(+4pts)        Bonus for presentation originality, i.e. group members are dressed in appropriate planetary COSTUMES.