Science 9 - Characteristics of Electricity

Chapter 7 – Static charge is produced by electron transfer. 

  • WORKBOOK 7.1 (pages may be downloaded and printed at home)

·        Section 7.1 Quiz - on Static Charge.

Attraction & Repulsion (3:28)

Atoms & Electricity (9:37)

Van de Graaff Generator

Plasma Ball video!


How Shocking Franklin’s experiments

Franklin's Kite





·         Triboelectric Series – very important chart before you go on to studying Static Electricity.  Also try this one.

·         The Science of Static Electricity - excellent diagrams illustrating the behaviour of charges, static attraction and repulsion.

·        Remote Control Roller - a great project to try! Can you explain the static electricity secret behind how it works? When you've mastered the roller, move on to the Super Sparker!

·         Electrocution - vivid examples of electrocutions; you must be very safe at the work site.

·         Plasma Basics - a good place to start!

  • WORKBOOK 7.2 (pages may be downloaded and printed at home)

·         Section 7.2 Quiz - on Electric Force.

·         261-262 Make Your Own Lightning.  Try these!!

·        Static Electricity Crossword -  (download )


Chapter 8 – Ohm’s law describes the relationship of current, voltage, and resistance.

·         The Battery: Using Chemistry to Make Energy - don't miss the dry cell animation at this site, it is excellent.


Faraday’s magnetic field

Electric Eel Lights up Christmas!

Introduction to Electricity

Electric circuits overview

The Electric Pickle - does a pickle conduct electricity?

Electrical Circuits series & parallel

·         Galvani and Volta - each presents an encyclopedia of information.

·        Dry Cell Cut in Half - you can see innards of an alkaline cell clearly in this graphic.

·         Zinc-Carbon Dry Cell - very well explained cell diagram.

·         The Alkaline-Manganese Cell - very well explained cell diagram.

·         What is Nanotechnology? - is nanotechnology as important as invention as electricity or computers? Find out here.

·         Can You Survive 100 000 Volts in Faraday Cage? - check out this video to find out!

·         Current Flow and Ohm's Law – go to bottom for a slick java applet.

·         Ohms Law Calculators – Try these as well!! 

Ohm’s law video:
 E = IR

Resistance in circuits part1 of 2

Resistance in circuits part 2 of 2 (switches)


Electrical Resistance


·         Ohm's Law - try this wonderful Java applet that allows you to adjust resistance and voltage on a realistic looking circuit board. Can you predict what the milliamp reading will be?

·         Virtual Laboratory: Voltage – Scroll down and try this circuit simulator that allows you to manipulate batteries and resistors. When you are done with the first one, there is another circuit to try. Then you can try the worksheet!

·         Ohm's Law - this is excellent as well!!  a colourful simulation that lets you manipulate resistance and voltage in a simple circuit.

·         Ohm Zone - incredible simulator that lets you build circuitry to your heart's content, then you can measure current and resistance in the circuit with the provided meters.

·         Resistor Colour Code - what do all those bands mean? Find out using this interactive simulation.

·         Resistance at the Molecular Level - wouldn't it be neat if we could see the electrons and atoms interacting to produce the heat energy that is the result of resistance? This page gives us the next best thing! Adjust the current and watch what happens.

·         Electric Resistance – scroll down to see tricks in learning the colour order… Bad Booze Rots Our Young Guts But Vodka Goes Well.  What’s your trick?

·         Ohm's Law Crossword  - (download )

Chapter 9 – Circuits are designed to control the transfer of electrical energy.

Electric circuits


Electrical Circuits

Resistor Color codes omit 7:15 to 8:50



·         Series, Parallel and Combination Circuits - good descriptions with diagrams, part of the Fundamentals of Electricity site.

·         What are "Series" and "Parallel" Circuits? - a very good introductory description.

·         Ohm Zone – Excellent assignment if you have not done it in the previous chapter.  Incredible simulator that lets you build your own circuitry.

·         Resistors in Series and Parallel - this is a complete tutorial for doing resistor calculations. Practice questions too!  Do it!!

·         Honda Asimo – check out Asimo on

·         Walking Robot Movies - amazing robots you won't believe!

  • WORKBOOK 9.2 (pages may be downloaded and printed at home)

·         Section 9.2 Quiz - on The Power of Electricity.

Reading electric meter

Electrical power distribution

Electric power

Electron instructor

Hydroelectric power

Hydrogen fuel cell

·         What's a Watt? - a very slick calculator to help you better relate to an amount of electric energy. Nice!!

·         Power: Putting Charges to Work - a complete tutorial on electric power, when you are done, try the quiz # 1 to 4!

·         Hydroelectric Plants in British Columbia - beautiful photos of the major hydroelectric plants.   Good info!

·         Join the Power Smart Team!  BC Hydro!!

·         Safety Around Hydroelectric Facilities - it's better to be safe than sorry.

·         How to Read Your Meter - B.C. Hydro tells you how.

·         Home Delivery of Electrons - a brief explanation of how electrical energy gets to you. You may also want to check out the whole page on how space weather can affect power distribution grids.

·         How Power Distribution Grids Work – How Stuff works video on how the electricity gets from where it is produced to your home.

·         Wind With Miller - an amazing and fun journey into wind power – have tons of fun, learning and adventure with Miller! 

·        Circuits Crossword Puzzle - how well do you know your terminology? (download )