Science 9 Atoms, Elements, and Compounds

Chapter 1 Atomic theory explains the composition and behaviour of matter.

        NOTES ON SECTION 1.1



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         Laboratory Safety - are you aware of basic lab safety rules? (This puzzle also available for download PUZZLE)

         Laboratory Explosion - this movie depicts a dangerous laboratory situation - what safety rules were ignored?


        NOTES ON SECTION 1.2

        London New Year's Fireworks Display - a small part of one of the most spectacular fireworks displays ever.

        Changes of State Crossword Puzzle (also available for download )

        Supercooled Water - under the right conditions, water can change its state in a very strange way.

        Liquid Crystal Games - two neat games from are a bunch of fun and teach you about liquid crystals at the same time!


        NOTES ON SECTION 1.3



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        Dalton's Playhouse Priestley and Lavoisier experiments.

        **Research a contributor to Atomic Theory.


Chapter 2 Elements are the building blocks of matter.

        NOTES ON SECTION 2.1

        Act 2-1C - element research - one page summary on word, 2 columns, answer questions page 49 of your textbook.

        Section 2.1 Quiz - on Elements.

        Sodium and Water - check out these videos that demonstrate the exciting reaction of sodium with water.

        Uses of Nanotubes - check out these two videos which explain two uses for nanotubes you wouldn't expect; growing bone and improving microscopes.


        NOTES ON SECTION 2.2

        Section 2.2 Quiz - The Periodic Table and Chemical Properties.

        Interactive Periodic Table II Web Elements names and properties of each element on the periodic table.

        Periodic Table Tetris - how well do you know the positions of the first 12 elements?

        Elements: Basic Properties of Matter - an interactive introduction to the periodic table.

        Element Flash Game - quick flash cards to help you memorize elements.

        ELEMENTary, My Dear Watson - use element symbols to complete the story.

        Names and Symbols of Elements - practice your knowledge.

        Element Bingo - a collection of bingo sheets designed to test the students knowledge of element symbols.

        Periodic Table Crossword Puzzle (also available for download )


        NOTES ON SECTION 2.3


Chapter 3 Elements combine to form compounds.

        NOTES ON SECTION 3.1

        Section 3.1 Quiz - on Compounds.

        Magnesium and Carbon Dioxide - you may have known that magnesium burns in oxygen, but did you know it burns with carbon dioxide as well?

        Ionic vs Covalent Bonds - an interactive comparison between ionic, non-polar covalent, and polar covalent bonds. (flash-based)

        Marvelous Molecules - an entertaining exhibit!

        Avalanche! Captured on Film - excellent page describing the steps needed to trigger an avalanche. Includes avalanche movies.

        Out of Ophirica: Avalanches - an amazing 5 minute movie that shows explosives being used to set off avalanches. The avalanches shown in this video are incredible in their speed and power.


        NOTES ON SECTION 3.2

        Section 3.2 Quiz - on Names and Formulas of Ionic Compounds.

        Names and Formulas of Ionic Compounds - this java-based quiz is simple, but provides lots of practice naming ionic compounds.


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        NOTES ON SECTION 3.3

        Physical and Chemical Changes - a series of short movies that will test your ability to tell the difference between physical and chemical change. Well done!!

  Chemical Equations Crossword. (Also available for download )


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