Science 9 – Reproduction


Chapter 4 – The nucleus controls the functions of life.


Biology: Cell Anatomy

Biology: The Cell Cycle





·        How Nanotechnology Will Work - a short video

·        Cell Structure and Processes - good sketches of the organelles.

·        Cell Models - animal and plant cell models, interactive illustrations.

·        Understanding Genetics - a huge resource on genetic molecules and how they work.

·        Zooming into DNA - a very slick zooming adventure into your own tissues. Destination... DNA!

·        Genetic Science Learning Center - What is DNA? What is a gene? Find out at this excellent site, which houses superb flash animations. If you like, you can download the animations to your hard drive.  

·        The Biotechniques Virtual Laboratory - how do scientists work with such tiny molecules? Find out with these activities.

·        From DNA to Protein - this video illustrates the process of protein synthesis.

·        Gene Control - where does the instructions for making proteins come from? Genes! Another 3 minute video.

·        What Makes a Firefly Glow? - explains, with animations, how cell protein production is important.


·        DESIGN THAT ALIEN PROJECT – Decode and draw the Alien you have been given… or simply choose one of the 10 offered.  Which do you choose?  Choose the number matching your month of birth.  Oct, Nov and Dec may choose number 10.  Have fun.  Click here to view examples.

·        Cells and DNA Crossword Puzzle – (also available for download 0_icon_pdf_sm)

·        Genetic Therapy and Breast Tumors - this video explains the painfully difficult choices faced by those who have a strong family history of breast cancer.

·        Gene Therapy: Molecular Bandage? - this is an amazing site, filled with useful information and activities about gene therapy.


Chapter 5 – Mitosis is the basis of asexual reproduction.

·         How DNA Replicates - a 48 second movie, but a very good one (free Teacher's Domain registration is required).

·         DNA Replication - spectacular short animations of the replication process. Amazing!

·         DNA Replication - detailed, but very good. 

·         DNA Replication - just one more!

·         The Cell Cycle & Mitosis Tutorial - very clear step-by-step treatment

·         Mitosis Animation - an excellent animation prepared especially for BC Science 9.

·         Simple Animal Cell Mitosis - very straightforward and clear. 

·         The Cell Cycle - with the help of a simple animation, the phases are explained.

·         Control of the Cell Cycle - learn about the cell cycle while playing a game!

·         The Cell Cycle - a clear step-by-step treatment.

·         How Cancer Grows - a great page and a very good flash presentation as well (free Teacher's Domain registration is required)


  • WORKBOOK 5.2 (pages may be downloaded and printed at home)

·         Section 5.2 Quiz - on Asexual Reproduction.

·         Copy Cat - who knew cloning could be so much fun?

·         Fact or Fake - try this interactive quiz to test your cloning knowledge.

·         Cloning an Animal that is Extinct - can you bring back a long extinct animal?

·         Click and Clone - your chance to make the perfect mouse!

·        Mitosis and Asexual Reproduction Crossword Puzzle.  Try it!!  (also available for download )


Chapter 6 – Meiosis is the basis of sexual reproduction.

  • WORKBOOK 6.1 (pages may be downloaded and printed at home)

·         Section 6.1 Quiz - on Meiosis.




Biology: Meiosis Vs Mitosis



Biology: RNA

·         Meiosis Animation - click on the steps to see meiosis in action.

·        What is Mitosis/Meiosis? - still confused? This animation couldn't make it any clearer.

·        Genetic Variation - explains how the "shuffling" of genetic information produces variation (free Teacher's Domain registration is required).

·        Making a Karyotype - drag those chromosomes until you get them right.


·        The Red Queen - this video discusses the drawbacks of cloning as a reproductive method, and why sexual reproduction can offer a distinct advantage.

·        Spawning and Fertilizing Sea Urchins - an amazing activity that lets you "handle" urchins in the laboratory and understand their reproductive process. This page is part of the very informative Virtual Urchin website.

·         The Visible Embryo - takes you step by step through all the stages.

·         The Embryo Takes Shape - this video follows the development of an embryo (free Teacher's Domain registration is required).

·         Morphing Embryos - PBS provides some great movies comparing humans to other species.

·         Life's Greatest Miracle - many movies concerning reproduction and development. Movie #6 addresses embryonic development.

·         Sexual Reproduction Crossword Puzzle.  (available for download 0_icon_pdf_sm)


·         Assisted Human Reproduction: Frequently Asked Questions - questions and answers from Health Canada.

·         Genetic Modification - "swapping" genes with other species has huge potential... and risk (free Teacher's Domain registration is required).