Science 9 – Space Exploration

STUDENT PROJECT INFORMATION AND LOG SHEETS CAN BE FOUND AT THE FOLLOWING ADDRESS:  09astronomyproject.htm.  You may prefer to access the pdf file directly at 09astronomyproject.pdf.

Chapter 10 – Scientific evidence suggests the universe formed about 13.7 billion years ago.

·        NOTES ON SECTION 10.1

·         Hubble Site - an incredible collection of images, news and updates about the future of the Hubble space telescope.

·         The Hubble Space Telescope - the official NASA website.

·         The Hubble Heritage Project - many of the most interesting images from Hubble have been collected, processed and analyzed here.

·         The Expanding Balloon Universe - Parts of the universe move away from each other like the dots on a balloon.

·         The Electromagnetic Spectrum - Energy travels in waves. The waves are categorized by their energy and frequency.

·         Doppler Shift - Using a police car simulation to show how frequencies change as waves approach then recede.

·        NOTES ON SECTION 10.2

·        Section 10.2 Quiz - on Galaxies.

·        Galaxies Galore - Build models and examine models of the different types of galaxies.

·        Hubble Deep Field: The Most Important Image Ever Taken - this video expresses the sheer wonder at how many galaxies are in the universe.

·        SETI - The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

·        Universe Puzzle Crossword puzzle – (also available for download )

Chapter 11 – The components of the universe are separated by unimaginably vast distances.

·        NOTES ON SECTION 11.1

·        Section 11.1 Quiz - on Stars.

·        The Eagle has risen: Stellar spire in the Eagle Nebula - amazing images, you can download full size ones here.

·        Black Holes: Gravity's Relentless Pull - the intro movie is something special, but the website is even better! Interact with space as you learn more about gravity in space.

·        Star Puzzle Crossword Puzzle – (also available for download )

·        NOTES ON SECTION 11.2

·        Section 11.2 Quiz - on The Sun and Its Planetary System.

·        The Solar System Simulator is pretty cool, too.

·         Images of the Sun - several videos from different satellites and observatories - amazing Sun images.

·         Solar wind and flares…  Excellent site!!

·        Solar System Crossword Puzzle - (Also available for download )

·         Planets and Stars To Scale - it can be hard to imagine the huge sizes of celestial objects, This video may help.

·        NOTES ON SECTION 11.3

·        Section 11.3 Quiz - on Measuring Distances in Space.

·        Speed of Light - very good section on the history of the measurement of the speed of light.

Astronomy: Aristotle

Astronomy: Celestial Sphere

Astronomy: Galileo

Astronomy: Light Spectrum Basics







Chapter 12 – Human understanding of Earth and the universe continues to increase through observation and exploration.

·        NOTES ON SECTION 12.1

·        Section 12.1 Quiz - on Earth, Moon, and Sun Interactions.


Astronomy: The Moon

Astronomy: Where Does the Sun's Energy Come From?


Astronomy: Solar System Overview






·        Lunar Cycle Challenge - a great way to learn the phases of the moon.

·        Solar Eclipse - control the eclipse yourself - a very good visual model.

·        Eclipse Model - click on the "How To" tab for instructions. Don't miss the Introduction and Exercise pages.

·        Earth, Moon and Sun Crossword puzzle – (also available for download )


·        NOTES ON SECTION 12.2

·        Section 12.2 Quiz - on Aboriginal Knowledge of the Solar System.


·        NOTES ON SECTION 12.3

·        Section 12.3 Quiz - on Exploring Space: Past, Present, and Future.

·        Satellite Images 'Show Atlantis' - have satellites helped to find Atlantis?